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From Wren version 2022.3.25.0 there is an installer tool available to make things a bit easier. Just download the Installer and select Wren to be installed. When you did this once further updates can be done from within Wren itself.

For a first install you'll have to download the installer from the download page.

There are still some things to be aware of :

  • You must NOT install Wren in a µsoft owned folder, so not in 'Program Files', 'downloads', 'my documents' and not on the 'desktop' either), the installer may start Wren after it is done installing.
  • On a first start of a new version the program will write out some help files. This may look a bit messy, it will only happen once when a new Wren version is run for the first time (and it can be disabled if wanted).
  • On the first Wren run you should set up the audio devices. This can be done from the main menu: setup/Audio devices.

For a quick test you could drag in an oscillator module (Osc) and an output module (AudioOut). You can use Ctrl+F to find these modules quickly (they are on the first (I/O, pick the speaker symbol there) and second (Osc1, pick the leftmost sine symbol there) selector tab respectively). Also see Add modules,

Turn down your volume a bit, as this may be loud otherwise, then connect the Osc's output at the bottom right corner to the AudioOut's leftmost two inputs. Also see the FAQ - ins and outs.

Next hit F9, you should have sound now and the output level meter in strip 1 on the right side of the screen should indicate this. Hitting F9, again will stop the sound.

  • NOTE: to make the eSpeak text to speech module available it is necessary to install eSpeak.
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