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Debug screen

The debug screen on the left side shows a log of all activities that were performed by Wren. Logs can optionally be saved into a log file too.

It also has some controls as shown in the image:

  • Show editor - brings you back to the patch editor.
  • Clear text - will clear the log view.
  • Dump patch - will make a patch dump in the log view
  • Find small values was used in the 32 bit versions only FIXME (the image) and it no longer applies.
  • Performace counters:
    • in overflows - PortAudio input queue overflows.
    • in undeflows - PortAudio input queue undeflows.
    • out overflows - PortAudio output queue overflows.
    • out undeflows - PortAudio output queue underflows.
    • excepts - exception counter for general killed exceptions, these are all killed but still counted.
    • RTexcepts - exception counter for exceptions in the real-time audio thread, these are all killed but still counted.
    • lights time - the time spent for updating lights and other dynamics from the patch to the patch editor.
    • in latency - estimated audio input latency.
    • out latency - estimated audio output latency.
    • lock skips - number of times a real time action could not be performed due to the foreground process blocking it (a low number is normal, it should not increment all the time as that would indicate a bug).
  • debug settings:
    • periodically collect denormals - this automates the 'find small values' button.
    • compiler debug - adds extra patch compilation debug information to the log.
    • absolute debug time stamps - when off relative timing is used, when on the time stamps are taken from the Time Of Day clock.
    • log to file - when on the log window items will also be written to <application-folder>\wren.log.
    • log midi - when on general MIDI actions will be logged (like opening and closing a MIDI device).
    • log midi msgs - when on MIDI messages will be logged, this can be handy for debugging a MIDI connection.
    • log OSC - when on general OSC activities will be logged (like opening or closing OSC sockets).
    • log OSC msgs - when on OSC mesages will be logged, which can help debugging OSC message problems.
    • log PortAudio - when on, and a debug enabled version of PortAudio is being used some internal PortAudio messages can be logged.
  • Find blank control types - this searches the module store for controls that were not properly typed.
  • Show store - this shows the module store (no worries, no sales, it is just where the modules are stored).
  • Test all module P/I/O/Poly - this tests for inconsitencies in the module design.
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