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Help for editing the wiki

The user name to be used is editor and the password needed for it is allowme. This is just to keep out bots & spam a bit.

Also see syntax for editing help, the editor has that link too of course :').

For style:

  • use ===== to suround page headers - see top of fthis page. For sup pages use less and less = characters. When the nesting level for headers is three or more an index will be generated for the page.
  • use '' (two single quotes) to surround keys or mouse actions (or text to be taken litteral, like the user name and password above. This will display the text in a little box.
  • use <nowiki></nowiki> or %% to surround litteral text, see the source of this page for how to use that.

Note: Some (mostly organizational) pages will need an admin login, this page and the side bar for instance.

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