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Configuration screen

The configuration view is where you set various defaults for the user interface, but also the sample rate and the TextWriter settings are here.

editor settings

  • program version - the program version stamp (here 20121.3.29.2) and the build type (here a 64 bit release version (r); debug releases (d) are possible as well).
  • patch version - the version number for patches created, here 12. Patches with older versions can usually be read without too many issues.
  • view license and acknowledgements - brings you to the License and acknowledgments section of the main Wren web page (see Wren).
  • generate documentation - generates the help files and popup images for the module selector, it then opens the module docs in a web browser.
  • max file history - the number of recently opened patches that are remembered.
  • lights rate - update rate for the lights and ather visual dynamcs in the patch.
  • synth name - the name of the synth, this is used in OSC addressing.
  • New patch name template - name pattern to be used when saving a newly created patch.
  • reload latest patch on startup - on Wren startup reopen the patch that you had open on your latest Wren close.
  • auto run on startup - automatically start running the current patch when Wren is opened.
  • clear VU on audio stop - clear the VU meters when audio is stopped, when this is off they will hold the latest value seen.
  • allow undo after patch save - when on the undo history will not be cleared when the patch is saved.
  • allow undo after patch load - when on the undo history will not be cleared when a new patch is loaded, in this case undo may go back to a previously loaded patch.
  • on close warn for patch changes - when on and Wren is terminated and the current patch has unsaved changes issue a warning.
  • on load warn for patch changes - when on and a new patch is opened or created and there are unsaved changes in the curren patch issue a warning.
  • search works on patch - the search option searches in the current patch and matches will highlight the found modules.
  • search works in selector - when on module names not matching the search phrase will be hidden in the module selector.
  • search works on descriptions - when on whole word matches of the search phrase with the mdule help text will be collected and can be shown by pressing a button in the run controls.
  • warn on struct mismatch - when on and then doing a parameter paste where the set of modules copied does not match the set of modules pasting the parameters to a wrning will be shown.
  • disable auto documentation - when on, and a new version of Wren is started for the first time no help files will be generated.
  • allow load auto modes from ini - when on automation modes will be loaded from the ini file, this may not always be handy.
  • do not load tuning from patches - when a patch was retuned by using the tuning controls this tuning will be saved with the patch, you can opt to not load such settings on patch load, and your currently set tunoing will not change.
  • do not load LFO rate from patches - same as for tuning, but then for the custom LFO rate.
  • view run controls - hides or shows the run controls in the editor view.
  • view morph controls - hides or shows the morph controls in the editor view.
  • view mutation controls - hides or shows the mutation controls in the editor view.
  • view tuning controls - hides or shows the tuning controls in the editor view.

Then we go to the right and to the top:

look and feel


  • load prest
  • Save as preset
  • use standard module colors
  • use connector borders
  • use typed connector borders
  • overlay opacity
  • visual theme
  • module title font
  • module font
  • colors
  • simple hint font
  • hint font
  • show synth name in title bar
  • show patch changed in title bar

pff .. editing break :)

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