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About ompiling your own version

Download the sources by using the Installer in stand-alone mode.

As of version 2022-03-28 Wren itself can download the sources.

NOTE: this is not always the most recent one ( I'll update sources on request though, and after every so many executable (pre-)releases). This code, source and executable, is released under the GNU General Public License version 2. Also see the License section here.

You will need Delphi to compile this code (I used XE10), and :

You will also need the overbyte ICS package to be present in Delphi.

Then before Wren can be compiled my <b>knobs2013</b> components must be installed (these are included in the source release as a separate zip file). I used Delphi XE10 to make this code.

To compile the components into Delphi you need to compile the design time package and then install that one. This is the Knobs2013Design package.

You'll also want the path to the components to be in your Delphi search path, or the Wren compile will fail.

Note: After I've made a split into run-time and design-time packages to allow for 64 bit compiliation this will change for versions after 2020.5.30.0 into KnobsPackageDesign which must be compiled for 32 bits only. You will also need to compile the runtime package KnobssPackageRunTime for both 32 and 64 bits.

Note2: As of the 2022.1.5.0 version there no longer is 32 bit support.

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