And a bit more change to EnvReso


Published as pre-release. 2022.1.30.0]

Added the filter’s band pass to a BP output and changed the inv output into a high pass (HP). The basic functinality stayed the same but when you need 1.0 - LP as the previous inv out did you’ll have to add an external module now … ran out of pixels :¬)

Anyway, I guess it is finished now.


About mono and poly

Most modules are poly .. hover the mouse over it’s top left title area and it will show.

Additionally, when poly is set > 1 mono modules will be straight hatched. Then modules can be set into mono mode explicitly as well and they will show a cross hatch. This is a mode which has to be turned on in the F3 screen “show mono modules”.

Also when you right click on the module and select help it will show mono, poly or monofied.

Then for an overview of all modules, press F1 - or go to the module overview.

To get actual poly behaviour you will need modules that will act differently depending on the voice. Most modules will act the same on each voice, but some will have different signals for each voice - like the PoyMidiNoteIn, or almost everything that generates random will be different on each voice as well.

Of course modules that act the same in each voice will listen to voice specific input signals (and then may actually differ).

Then there are some modules that are mixed mono/poly - for instance the reverbs, where the reverb itself is mono but where some modulations can be poly - this is why mono modules can still be monofied. This sometimes is explained in the F1 help / module overview, but I’m a bit lazy in keeping the help accurate …

Some small changes to EnvReso

Published as pre-release. 2022.1.29.0]

I’ve made the trig input behave a little different. When left unconnected the module now doubles as a very low frequency filter. The input in that case is taken from the gain input. For the rest the module behaves the same as before.

When trig is unconnected and a regular envelope is connected to the gain input resonance can be added to that regular envelope signal.

And now I may want to add the filter’s bandpass and higpass signals as well for an output - but running out of pixels a bit :)

Then I updated the module help to show all functionality.

Added stretch to the EnvReso module


Published as pre-release. 2022.1.28.0]

Added pulse stretching to the EnvReso module, it is no longer needed to use external stretching. The stretch time scales with the selected range (fast, medium, slow and vfast) and uses the regular envelope times.


Updated the example patches

I’ve updated the example patches till 2022-01-27, they are at https://bluehell.nl/wren/patches/index.php - the zip is about 24MB currently and the latest patches will need Wren version 2022-01-26.0 (to be found as a pre-release).


New envelope - of sorts

NOTE: as of version 2022.1.28.0 the module has inbuilt stretch on the trig input, and no extra module is needed for pulse lengthening.


Published as pre-release. 2022.1.26.0]

Made a new envelope module of sorts.

I had been experimenting before with a State Variable Filter (SVF) set to low frequencies as a method of getting some ressonance in the processed signal. Worked that out to use a time setting instead of a frequency setting for the filter and allowing for very long times (ultra low frequencies … like once per hour) and for pretty short times like 500µs (2kHz - in the audio range).

There are some details and an example patch (including a short mp3 recording from it) in the more section.

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Extra modulation control for KS module


Published as pre-release. 2022.1.17.0]

Added feedback and brightness modulation to the KS module, had to rearrange the controls a bit for this to fit.


New distortion module


Published as pre-release. 2022.1.10.0]

Made a new Distort module. It takes it’s input value and raises it to a settable power (alpha) which can be modulated.

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Bugfix for Dif module

Published as pre-release. 2022.1.8.0]

The Dif module was not properly working with the changes made, fixed that - and added some code to find the error made in the debug version of the program.


Added select input to Dif module


Published as pre-release. 2022.1.7.1]

Added a select (sel) input to the Dif module to make the mode controllable from an external signal.

New inversion out for ScaleQuantizer


Published as pre-release. 2022.1.7.0]

Added an inv2 output on the Scalequantizer module. Inv2 will play notes from the selected scale, where the inv output will generally not. Both inversion outputs will select notes from the same octave as the the note on the regular out is in.


New full release 2022.1.5.0

A happy new year!

I’ve made a new ful release for both source code and and executable code, it can be downloaded from here.

The 32 bit executable version is no longer supported, it still is in the source code (but will disappear from there too - over time).

New poly status module and a change of the old one


Published as pre-release. 2022.1.5.0]

Changed the PolyStatus module a bit and added a PolyStatus2 module with a different distributen of the output values over the voices.

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Changed correlation setting

Published as pre-release. 2022.1.2.0]

Changed the way the correlation setting works for the RandSigs module, to give better correlation. Now when correlation is 1 all outputs will exactly follow the channel 0 (leftmost) outputs. And when the correlation is 0 all channels will be independent, and the is a smooth fade from correlation 0 to 1.

Correlation control for RandSigs


Published as pre-release. 2022.1.1.0]

Added correlation control to the RandSigs module. It makes the the outputs more similar when on, and totally independent when off (which is the old time, and now default, behaviour).