Found some bugs

  • the ESpeak module did not work due to an initialisation error
  • saving string values was wrong, it would keep adding doub;e quotes on every save …
  • and another ESpeak bug, whisper selection does not work

There may be a new release pretty soon … but there may be more to do …

  1. soft_modular

    Wednesday, February 21, 2024 - 21:58:49

    Windows 10 and Wren 2023.2.8.0

    Wren is brilliant. Wow! Thanks. I found these features as I started to learn my way around:-

    * On first startup after install every time I tried to set up audio-out Wren exited, disappearing silently and abnormally without writing anything about the exit in the log. I was trying to set up ASIO output for ASIO4ALL V2 from the initial “empty” config at startup. This behaviour ceased when I first changed the Wren sample rate from the default 88.2 to 44.1.

    * With the klaus.wren patch loaded and running OK I tried to change the visual theme from “Windows”: Wren crashed with an “access violation in wren.exe” error window. This theme change worked OK when the patch was stopped.

    * When a patch is stopped the CPU load digits are frozen at some values rather than zeroed or a GUI CPU load. Is that intended?

    * I found that the Wiki page is editable since the Wiki help displays a user ID and password. Is that intended?

    * Finally it would be great to help for first time learning if the remaining F3 config options and the Morph & Mutation controls were also in the Wiki.

    Many thanks

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