Added a button to Switch2to1


Published as pre-release. 2021.12.1.28

Added a switch to the Switch2to1 module. Meant for manual switching, it’s pressed state is being XOR-ed with the ctrl signal.


Added a DC blocker …

Published as pre-release. 2021.12.1.0

Added a DC blocker to the output of the LpGate module to eliminate the ‘almost DC’ that happens when the gate closes (and which hinders some connected modules).


A new module


Published as pre-release. 2021.11.27.0

A low-pass gate of sorts.

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Added async reset to a couple of modules

To make it doable to sync to external gear I’ve added an a-res (asynchronous reset) input for the following modules :

* Seq16
* Seq16Rep
* GateSeq
* GateSeqMulti
* ModGateSeq
* LeakyGateSeq

The synchronous reset (res input) is still present as well to keep the old time behaviour.

Published as pre-release. 2021.11.25.0


And a third one …


Published as pre-release. 2021.11.13.0

Made yet another quantizer, it quantizes it’s input value to various levels each with it’s own output.

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Another quantizer


Published as pre-release. 2021.11.12.0

Made another quantizer, it quantizes it’s input value to a value set between the lo and hi values.

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A simpler fixed bank


Published as pre-release. 2021.11.1.0

Made a simpler fixed filter bank module with 19 bands, starting at 70Hz each next band has a 25.3% higher central frequency for it’s bandpass filter till the last sits at about 4kHz..

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Help text …

Published as pre-release. 2021.10.25.0

Updated some help texts that were misleading. Thanks Thomas :)

There might be a couple more here and there, I tend to copy modules … and errors.


Fixed filter bank


Published as pre-release. 2021.10.24.1

Made a new fixed filter bank module with 38 bands, starting at 35Hz each next band has a 17% higher central frequency for it’s bandpass filter till the last sits at about 12kHz..

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A bug fix and some changes


Published as pre-release. 2021.10.24.0

The oramics1 module’s mode was not working, fixed that.

Made some changes on the OscPercCS module. A punch2 mode was added, which alters the wave shape and added shape control. Everything still works the same otherwise, but there can be some change of color now. A shape of 0.5 (which is the default value) gives the original color, the modulation works additive - not multiplicative.

Had to change the layout a bit to make room for the extra controls.


Small changes

Published as pre-release. 2021.10.20.0

Added output value indication to the Oramics1 modujle and a trigger indicator to the OscPercCS module, this got reflected in the earlier images.


Boids …

Published as pre-release. 2021.10.18.0

The boids module’s layout got fukt, unfukt that …

Fixed and changed the Oramics1 module

Published as pre-release. 2021.10.17.1


The Oramics1 modue had the in/out level conversion not working - fixed that.

Also added a couple of modes to the module:

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A new module and some extra modulations


Added a couple of modulations to the percussion osc, for click, decay and fine (cents) control.

Also made a new module, a prototype for a Daphne Oram type of Oramics module. I plan to make some variations on this one.

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Added an AM input to the percussion oscillator

Added an AM input to OScPercCS to be able to dynamically control the level.

Published as pre-release. 2021.10.13.2

Fixed the percussion oscillator’s name


Changed the odd name OcTrigCS from the previous lemma into OscPercCS, this will break patches made by the previous version using this nmodule, but eh … it was correctly named in places and incorrectlhy in others. So … just fixed it, sorry for the mess.

Published as pre-release. 2021.10.13.1

Two new modules


Made two new modules, a Copy/shuffle modle and a percussion oscillator.

The Copy module copies it’s inputs to it’s outputs - but the coupling can be randomized in some way.

The percussion oscillator is loosly modelled after the pch2csd interpretation of the Clavia G2 OscPerc modue (type 195 there) - it ended up a bit different than the original escpecially for the punch mode. Oh, and it got a bit of an odd name somehow … OscTrigCs, will fix that later on.


Published as pre-release. 2021.10.13.0


Changed the Tuned Delay a bit


Added fine control for the feedback level and made the feedback inversion work. Also changed the size and layout a bit to make it look more logical.

Published as pre-release. 2021.9.27.0


A couple of changes

Added Lagrange and Hermite interpolation for the KS, Looper, StereoLooper and TunedDelay modules.

For the KS module the different interpolation modes mostly make a change for high feedback and brightness; some are more and others less frequency dependant, but, overall, in all modes low notes sound longer and brighter than high ones.

For the KS module the feedback was limited to 0.999 (-0.01dB), with 100% feedback it could get stuck - it can still behave a tad weird with high feedback and brightness in the Lagrange mode.

For the TunedDelay module the compensation was changed from integer to float mode, and the range was shortened from 128 to 16.

The feedback polarity selection for the TunedDelay module is not working yet.

Published as pre-release. 2021.9.26.0


Updated help

Updated the built-in help for the two changes mentioned below.

Published as pre-release. 2021.9.22.0

New TunedDelay module


Made a new TunedDelay module.

Published as pre-release. 2021.9.21.0

Added Levy flight mode to the RandomWalkLfo

Added an extra mode to the RandomWalkLfo, and renamed the L, which stood for Linear, to B, which stands for Brownian. The Levy flight mode got the L for a shoertcut - the default is still E(xponential).

Published as pre-release. 2021.9.21.0


Extra mode for the pan and fade modules

Added an extra mode (lin2) to the Pan, XFade and XFadeStereo modules. It just has twice the output amplitude as the Linear mode. I’ve added it as the last mode to keep older patches compatible.

Published as pre-release. 2021.8.10.0

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More resolution on the hints

Added two extra digits on some of the hint values for knobs. This involves Time. Frequency, Multiplier and BPM values.

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.31.0

No idea how useful this is, but the idea was that it might be easier to get an idea about how much LFO values and Delay values would be off relatively to each other.

The display values are unchanged.


Found pixels …

Later … found a couple of pixels …

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.18.1

Changed output for Arpeggiator


Added a Changed output for the arpeggiator module, it is unmarked and just above the regular output - I may find pixels later on o_o.

For now, the connector popup will show the purpose.

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.18.0


Added a sync output to the RandSigs module


The sync output syncs to the leftmost outputs, not that the actual output used makes much difference … basicaly it syncs to the rate, ignoring the sample and hold input.

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.9.0


Pre-relese upped

Upped to pre-release 2021.7.6.0, mainly to get the modulatable Quadratic mode for the RandSigs module officially in (also into the image below).


made quadratic mode modulatable

For the RandSigs module the quadratc mode was made modulatable. Also added a LED for this.

This is in the current pre-release, you may have to reload it.

Upped the current pre-release


The current pre-release was upped to officially include the changes in the three posts before … the RandSigs quadratic mode, the bug fix in the PDosc module and the inclusion of the Log2 module.

The Log2 module is the inverse (with some restrictions for low input values) of the Power2 module.

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.5.0

Quadratic mode for RandSigs module


Added a quadratic mode for the RandSigsModule, when on the ouptput values are squared. By default it is off to replicate the old time behaviour.

This is to make the higher values less likely, more quietness into patches …

This is in the current pre-release, you may have to reload it.


Bug in PDOsc module


In the PDOsc module the cents input was added to the cents modulation, instead of multiplied by; fixed this for the current pre-release.

A new power2 module


Made a new power2 module, it calculates 0.5 * Power( 2.0, input). This is meant to make higher values less likely, more quietness …

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.4.0

Also made the inverse, a Log2 module, which will be in the current pre-release.


New envelope module type


Made a new EnvARMod envelope module, it has better time and shape control than the existing EnvAR module. It also has outputs for the A, H and R phases (as well as as for End Of Cycle (EOC). It also has not the bug mentioned in the previous item.

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.3.0

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Bug in levels for some envelope types

The EnvAHD and the EnvADSR envelope types had states 1 and 3 exchanged, Fixed that, but this may break patch compatibility, especially when you used the blue output(s) as a general control signal.

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.3.0


Made the AMuse module polyphonic


Otherwise it still works the same way.

Published as pre-release. 2021.7.1.1


Some more demos

Some relatively simple audio demos, and patches they were made with. These are all from self playing patches (noodles).

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Some small changes

There still was an issue with the ScaleQuantizer. When first loaded from the module selector it would by default need an enforce operation, fixed that.

Changed the connector popups to additionally show the signal type .

Published as pre-release. 2021.6.24.1


Bug in ScaleQuantizer re-re-visited


It is impossible to get the lock issue right, I’ve made an enforce button to enforce a preset scale.

When a known scale is set on the buttons it is possible to set a preset without it, when the module indicates a Custom scale you’ll need to either use the enforce button once, or select a known scale with the note buttons.

As said before, I should have made them note buttons read only … oh well, this’ll sort of work.

Published as pre-release. 2021.6.8.1

Bug in ScaleQuantizer revisited …


Note: there is a follow-up on this one.

It turned out that the runtime module behavour was a bit problematic too … I’ve made a fix for that as well now … almost at least.

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Wren demos

Some audio demos, and patches they were made with. These are all from self playing patches (noodles).

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Bug in ScaleQuantizer


Note: this is not working, it needs more work …

The ScaleQuantizer would not treat the scale selector as a preset selector, instead it would always overrule any manual changes of the scale. I’ve fixed this in the latest pre-release.

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Added cents modulation to KS module


Added cents modulation to KS module.


Added an Enable input to the Divider


Added an enable input to the divider module, when unconnected it is active.


Retro post about formants

Made a retro post about formants here.

Random divider module


The module divides the incoming signal rate by a random amount.

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Changed the leaky gate sequencer a bit and fixed a bug on it


Made some inputs on the LeakyGateSeq sequencer to be of the high-logic (switching at .5) type.

Also the Dir, Set and Res outputs were not working properly - fixed that.


Is Wren 32 bit support still wanted?

Is there still a need I wonder to keep supporting a 32 bit Wren … it’s starting to get a bit of a nuisance to keep maintaining it.

Also see : https://electro-music.com/forum/topic-72820.html


Invisible wires …

It is possible now to have invisible wires.

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Bug in the LeakyGateSeq module


The LeakyGateSeq was addressing inputs where parameters were meant to be used, this would crash Wren. Fixed it.