A couple of changes

Published as pre-release version 2022.4.15.0

The big change is that the handling of the patch lights got optimised, there is a lot less searching now - it seems to work fine :)

Then I’ve implemented ‘analog trigger’ for the EnvARRetrig, EnvARMod, EnvAHD and EnvADSR modules. There are a couple of modes where the D (digital, and default) mode implements the old time behaviour. Then there are some analog modes where the trigger input behaves different than in digital mode.

In the analog modes the trig input is quantised to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or ‘infinite’ (mode A) levels, and when a change in the quantised value was seen a trigger action will be initiated. Also the value of the change in in the trigger value will be sampled and that is used to control the envelope’s amplitude.

This is nice with a sequence for instance, where an analog sequencer output can now trigger an envelope, and as it also controls the amplitude - interesting patterns can be made easily this way.

If you have a recent Wren and Installer you can istall this from Wren itself. Otherwise see the wiki for more info on updating Wren.


Fresh pre-release

Published as pre-release version 2022.4.2.0

This implements the polyphony changes mentioned in the previous post.

If you have a recent Wren and Installer you can istall this from Wren itself. Otherwise see the wiki


Polyphy workings changed a bit


I’ve changed the way polyphony works a bit. Both in how it works internally and in how things are displayed.

Modules can still be set to mono mode or poly mode, as in previous versions. But it also possible now to run modules with reduced polyphony - with less voices than the patch has. This can be selected from the module popup context menu.

The hatched display of mono or monofied modules is gone now. Instead the module title will be changed to indicate the mode.

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