And then …

when you thought to be ready with everything you were discovered to have an easily automated captcha .. I’ve changed it a bit - may it help!


Wiki switch

I was not so happy with the previous wiki. It was slowish on my ‘almost web server’ thingie (a NAS). so I’ve decided to try another one.

Also I’ve moved over the FAQ information from the main Wren site to the new wiki; the old one will be replaced by a redirection soon. I’m searching around still for old links, but … after a year … this blog turned 1 today … this finally cleaned things up quite a bit!

For now the oolde one is still here..

Anyway, this new one has less (but adequate) features, and it performs okay to me .. so happy days :’)


Updated the installer a bit

Published as installer version and Wren version 2022.03.28.0

You’ll have to re-install the installer for this to work but then:

  • Wren will now have direct support for updating itself, the source code or the PortAudio sources.
  • The installer can install itself.
  • When wren.exe was renamed installs originating from the renamed version will update the renamed version now.

To get the update. see the download page for instructions.

Note: the installer executable is an unsigned application downloaded from the internet, Windows will complain about that - it can still be executed though by clicking on ‘more info’ in the complaints screen.


New full version released

Published as 2022.03.25.0

This version uses an installer that you should download to get the update. see the download page for instructions.


And a fix .. for an ommision in the one before

Published as pre-release. 2022.3.21.0]

Stand-alone (non patch) knobs were not handled properly.


Changed popups

Published as pre-release. 2022.3.20.0]

I’ve changed the way pupups on screen items are handled.

It started with adding popups on destination connectors for when you draw out a cable, in order to better see where a cable will end up at. This however created the issue that popups were not properly removed.

So, I’ve altered popup removal on all components a bit - they now just temove all popups agressively. This may change popup behaviour in windows emulation on Linux or Mac - but I did not test that.


New globals module

Published as pre-release. 2022.3.5.0]


Made a new Globals module, for now it will just output the globally set LFO relative rate (r.rate in the user interface) to make it available for modules that do not listen to that global setting (i.e. non-lfo type modules).