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Wren is an open source Windows based modular software synthesizer, or a virtual modular soft synth. This wiki provides help in using it.

Links to other Wren pages:

  • The main Wren page at, it mostly links back to here but for now it is the only page showing versions.
  • The Wren forum at for questions and remarks. Info about new releases will also be posted on the forum (main place is the blog though). Info of pre-releases is to be found in the blog only. The forum needs a signup for being able to post there.
  • The Wren blog with information about bugs, new modules, new features, releases etc. It is possible for anonymous users to place comments on blog articles.
  • The chat room, look for jan (or Blue Hell) there to ask for help. This needs a forum signup to work but - for intimi :') - it is also possible to join with an IRC client without using a signup.

This wiki is user editable, but that needs an anonymous login, see Wren Wiki help. There are also some styling hints there.

 Blue Hell above golden corn

This is an example patch, it shows blue hell above golden corn fields.

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