Changes to the DataGraph module


Published as pre-release. 2022.2.1.0]

Note: image shows the latest version of the module, click on read more below to see the old version.

Changed the graph colors a bit to make the new dots mode better visible. The dots mode basically is the same as the steps mode except there are no lines drawn between the dots. Then I made the lines (and dots) mode actually work - which they did not.

Also a chg (changed) output was added and a sync input.

Had been working on nested tuplets a bit, as a tool to make interesting time divisions. But then I thought that the DataGraph module might be very suitable for making divisions as well (and as a bonus it has levels, or tuning as well). The modue needed a couple of changes for this like a chg (changed) output. And to allow for sloppy horizontal positioning of the dots a sync input was added.


The chg out does not work well when the display (and output) mode is set to lines or splines, as the value will change then on just about every sample. It is pretty useful in the steps and dots modes though, and when sync is being used it will work in all modes.

Made an example patch for it, seen on the right, it shows the dots mode and the sync input being used. Actually the patch has time syncing on an extra level as the sync rate itself is being varied and quantized.

The patch can be downloaded.

And made a recording of this patch wherein you can hear it. And the patch itself could be a nice one for decconstruction. The voice count was set to two for the recording.

For more info about the module see the module help.