And another updte on the DataGraph


Published as pre-release. 2022.2.2.0]

It became 30 pixels higher to make some room for extra control.

Added random control, with a button and three inputs (one for changing all values, one for changing 25% of the values and one for changing one value - a bit like what the seq16 module has). The horizontal positions are not changed on randomization. (though with a right click on the grid from the popup menu there is anoter form of random selectable).

Also available now are rev for playing backwards and inv for playing inverted (upside down) (although both could be done as well from a controlling saw lfo). Oh, and maybe it is good to say that the module is meant to be driven from a saw LFO, for normal linear time operation.

Then added grid control for the number of division lines in the graph display. This may make it easier to set the dots properly.

I’ll need one final change, the sync input uses high logic now and should use normal logic, that is for a later pre-release.