changed S&H etc. for NOT_CONNECTED and changed the ScaleQuantizer, oh! and the Reverb too!

Made the SampleAndHold (S&H), TrackAndHold (T&H) and MultiSAndH (multiple S&H) modules aware of the NOT_CONNECTED signal. When seeing that signal on the trig input or having that input unconnected the modules will be transparent now.

The Noop module is the only module that will directly output a NOT_CONNECTED signal, but it can be passed on trough switches for instance.

These sample modules can now be made to have the trig input disconnected under patch control, and they will be transparent then.

Published as pre-release. 2022.2.5.0]


That, and the ScaleQuantizer got a new transparent mode - an input to set it transparent with, and also transparancy trough scale modulation with a negative input (and unequal to NOT_CONNECTED). In these cases the out signal is calculated from the in, scale and range parameters but it is not quantized. The inverted outs both hold 1.0 - out then.

This is scaled transparency, the module can still be set into the old unscaled transparency mode by deselecting all notes. in that case all three ouputs will just see the input value passed on.

Then I changed the LFO module a bit to make new random values on recompile and reset (using F7 / F12) - which is handier when patching for trying stuff with repeated F7/F12 pressing to see where the patch will go (and it does not break anything :¬)).


I had also changed the reverb module, gave it the input level control it always was in need of. And that trivial change had a bug, so re-updated the pre-release .. and as no bot had yet seen this yet .. presumably … I have no logs .. did not update the pre-release number .. so you may have to reload :¬)