A couple of changes

Added Lagrange and Hermite interpolation for the KS, Looper, StereoLooper and TunedDelay modules.

For the KS module the different interpolation modes mostly make a change for high feedback and brightness; some are more and others less frequency dependant, but, overall, in all modes low notes sound longer and brighter than high ones.

For the KS module the feedback was limited to 0.999 (-0.01dB), with 100% feedback it could get stuck - it can still behave a tad weird with high feedback and brightness in the Lagrange mode.

For the TunedDelay module the compensation was changed from integer to float mode, and the range was shortened from 128 to 16.

The feedback polarity selection for the TunedDelay module is not working yet.

Published as pre-release. 2021.9.26.0

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