Bugfix for compressor gain revisited

Published as pre-release and release version 2022.6.4.0

This can be installed from a recent Wren version - or alternatively download the installer (see the wiki for more info on updating or installing Wren).

As mentioned in the previous post, there was a bug in the compressor gain setting. The fix for that bug caused older patches to to be left with a way too low gain setting.

This release fixes old patches on load, so that approximately the same gain as was intended will be set. When patches were already manually fixed it will leave them alone.

The module version was changed from 2 to 3, and when a patch with module version 1 or 2 is loaded it will see if a fix is needed.

And as a compressor gain setting of -6dB or lower does not seem to make much sense (at least not for my own patches) it will only then apply a fix to set the gain to approximately what it was intended to be in the old situation. When the patch is being saved it’s module version for the compressor will always be set to 3.

This heuristic will fail when the gain was lower than -6dB intentionally - and a manual fix will still be needed then.

It will also not repair the gain setting for the spectrum module (the only other module using a 64dB gain control), but that is a thing needing constant manual tweaking anyway.

Also the help for the PluckControl module was updated.

Oh - and removed some monsense from the Pluck module and gave it al-pass feedback filtering - it still needs some work on the brightness and on tuning.