Some fixes and stuff

Published as pre-release version 2022.5.30.0

This can be installed from a recent Wren version - or alternatively download the installer (see the wiki for more info on updating or installing Wren).

  • There was a bug in the XY Scope module causing occasional audio artifacts - fixed that.
  • When the mouse is over a knob pressing the zero key will cause the control to move to it’s default position.
  • Added range selection to the OscPerc mdule - much longer decay times can now be set (it was limited to 12s).
  • Fixed a bug in the LFO global rate setting. LFO’s were running way too slow - fixed this, but it will affect all patches whch used a global rate setting other than 1.
  • Fixed a tiny table lookup error - lookup of the value at the very end would behave a little odd. Also made the tables two bytes smaller to have an actual size of a power of two. And then removed a couple of tables that were never used..
  • Revisited the grain control modules, the RndGranulator was not working at all and the GrainDelay module was a mess. Made the RndGranulator work and added smoothness control for the random values. Totally redid the GrainDelay mdule.
  • Removed about 2000 lines of unused code - not that this affects anything though.
  • Made Wren run marginally faster by inlining some more code, a couple of procents or so.

The GrainDelay module works differently now, it was redocumented in the module help.

The RndGranulator did not produce any sound at all, this was fixed with the functionality only being changed by addeding smoothness control for the randomization. When smoothness is set to full all randomness will be frozen.

The other two grainy modules were behaving like intended (Granulator and SimpleGranulator).

The global rate setting was applied twice, meaning that when it was set to 0.5 the modules would display half the normal value (which is ok) while they would run at one quarter of their nominal speed instead of one half.

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