Polyphy workings changed a bit


I’ve changed the way polyphony works a bit. Both in how it works internally and in how things are displayed.

Modules can still be set to mono mode or poly mode, as in previous versions. But it also possible now to run modules with reduced polyphony - with less voices than the patch has. This can be selected from the module popup context menu.

The hatched display of mono or monofied modules is gone now. Instead the module title will be changed to indicate the mode.

In the image you can see :

* A module in normal poly mode, the title is prefixed by a P
* A module with poly being reduced to 1, indicated by the 1 prefix in the title.
* A monofied poly module, prefixed by an M
* An intrinsically mono module, prefixed by an M

Intrinsically mono and monofied can not be distinguised from this, but you can hover the mouse over the title and the popup will tell. In any case they will run as mono for both types.

The actual polyphony used on a module is the minimum value of the global polyphony and the module set reduced polypjhony.

A polyphony reduced to 1 is not the same as a module set into mono mode. In mono voice signals will be mixed for inputs and copied to all voices for the outputs. Whereas modules with reduced polyphonny will calculate the lower voices only and will output zero for the unused voices.

This can or can’t be handy in a patch - you need to know what you are doing to get it right, usually you’ll just want to use poly or monofied modes; monfied is the same as intrinsic mono.

For polyphonic patches the output volume was reduced with (divided by) the poly count, this is no longer happening. Old poly patches may need a volume reduction now - but it was not handy that patches would go softer on upping the polyphony.

Then I had to change the patch version from 12 to 13 to allow for a PolyOverride value to be stored in it. Older Wren versions will not be able to read patches with version 13, but the new version will be able to read all patch versions from 2 .. 13.

This Wren has not been not published yet, but this will all be in the next pre-release - still needs testing a bit more.