One more small change

Published as pre-release. 2022.2.12.0]

Changed the way the filter works in that when a filter is being defined it will only select lines that match the filter. In case of the chat log I use that means that it will now skip the joined and left lines and such.

It may still return error messages, as “file not found” or “directory not found”.

BTW the output is not shown in the modules, it show sthe file and filter instead, but the debug screen (F5) will show what was produced. For each module duplicates will be filtered out, so make sure that the last file line changes to see an effect there.

Things did become a bit slower of this, as the regular expression is tried now on every non empty file line, hope it is still fast enough fir rapid chat - so may have to revert, we’ll see,

Edit: Ok, had to change that a tad bit more, it was getting too slow. Now when the filter exists but does not match on the last line an empty line will be returned instead of the unfiltered last line. Maybe that is even nicer for my purpose, as it can introduce quiteness in the patch in that case.

When there is no filter still the last non empty line will be returned, maybe should make a fallback or default rule group for filters or something.

This has the same release number.

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