About arbitrary numbers, and a new module for that


Some notes about using arbitrary numbers in a patch, and a new module for arbitrary numbers.

Added an arbitrary number mode to the TextSequencer module. It can now be in ‘freq.’ or in ‘arbitray’ mode.

In ‘freq.’ mode (the default), it will have the old time behaviour which assumes that an oscillator freq input will be controlled with it, this will still allow for arbitrary numbers to be entererd but they will be converted to a frequency control signal such that when an oscillator is connected which is set to 440Hz the entered frequencies and notes will work as intended.

In ‘arbitrary’ mode no such correction will be applied, and plain numbers will be output as they were entered in the text. It is still possible to use modifiers after the values like Hz or s, but the result may be a bit confusing …

Appended the following text to the help of the Values modules to clarify how it can be used as an arbitrary number generator.

So, it is possible to make this module generate arbitrary numbers, just enter the first value as zero and the last value as one. The inbetween numbers will then essentially be unscaled.

Added an Arbitrary value module, just type in a value and it will be multiplied by the mult input and added to the add input before being sent to the output. Use ‘Ctrl+Left Mouse Click’ on the value field to open the editor, use Ctrl+Enter’ to accept the new value, or ‘Esc’ to cancel the edit.

Invalid input will produce a zero output value.

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