Fonts for hints user configurable now

I’ve made the font for hint windows user configurable. There are two types of hint windows, “normal” ones with an image in it (from the module selector) and simple ones without an image (everywhere else). Both have their own font selection, to be set from the .

Also I’ve made hints for connectors, these can be enabled or disabled from the , this may need a bit of work still, or maybe it will do as is.

For fonts the boldness, the italicness and other font specifics are not saved, what is remembered over sessions is the font name, the size and the color.

I’ve also found a probable cause for the wine issues with hint windows not going away, but that needs a bit of time to make sure … for the connector hints I got double hint windows at first, I’ve put a crowbar on that, but it indicates some ‘wrongness’ somewhere ….