Wren modular synthesizer

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current full version: 2023.2.8.0

current pre version: 2023.2.8.0

installer To use Wren, download the installer into a non windows owned folder, run it, ignore the windows warnings (click on 'more info' and allow the program to run) and follow the installation instructions.
forum Use the the forum or the blog for comments and requests.
Blog For the latest notes about Wren and it can also be used for comments and requests. I'll post there when something changed.
Wiki For help, example patches, installation instructions, old release notes etc. It is user editable trough anonymous login. The wiki points to pre-installler and 32 bit Wren versions as well.
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Wren is an open source modular software synthesizer for windows. I'm open for requests and for adding user contributions. Use the forum or the blog to reach me.

To get the latest source code use the installer program, or do it from Wren itself trough it's help menu.

For legal issues use my email address.

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