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Software - MC/P


Clients connect to a server, and send Midi to that server. The server will then distribute the received Midi (including server side locally generated Midi) to all connected clients (including the one that originally sent the message).

The program can be either a server or a client, and it can be connected to an input and to an output MIDI port, a chat facility is built in. All MIDI data should work, including sysex data.

The software is contained within a single zip file, unzip it to any place you see fit to run it from. Source code is included with the exe now.

This is Delphi 7 code and it requieres a TVTerm component, which is basically a stripped down version of TEmulVT made by Francois Piette. David churcher's MIDI components are used as well, see Aditionally Delphi 7 has to be told to use the package dclSockets70.bpl (to be found in the Delphi BIN directory).

  • 0.7 to 0.9 : Added the option to disable the TCP Nagle algorithm. The Nagle algorithm increases overall network performance, but real time behaviour gets worse. This option can be found under the menu Settings/TCPIP. Changed some other minor things as well
  • 0.11 : 2008-02-02 Removed a bug causing MC/P to be unusable with memory or swap file being larget han 2 GB. Changed the looks a bit as well.
  • 0.12 : 2008-12-17 Removed a bug causing TCP settings to be impossible to change.
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The software should be able to run under Windows 95, 98, NT 4, ME, 2000 and XP.

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