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Software - Dubbele


This is a utility program I made for Wout, for his patch archivation project. Maybe it can be of use for some others.

This program searches your harddisk for duplicate Nord Modular synthesizer patches. The patches have to be in valid 3.0x format otherwise the program can give wrong results. Version 2 patches are correctly filtered out, but some patches that got corrupted by traveling over the interweb are not. The program produces three output files.

  • errors.txt - a list of all files that are in version 2 format.
  • dump.txt - a list of all the patches that have been processed
  • out.txt - a list of duplicates, all patches that were found tho have copies (according to the section selection) are listed along with the names of the copies. Do not trust this list blindly though, corrupted patches can give strange results.

The software is contained within a single zip file, unzip it and copy it to any place you see fit to run the program from.

  • 2003-01-03 Made a few minor modifications to the program
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The software should be able to run under Windows 95, 98, NT 4, ME, 2000 and XP.

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