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NM Open - Software


See the sourceforge open editor project.

Most software listed in the 'NM open' section on this site is free software, that is it's free to use as you see fit. You may not however sell this software, as I reserve all copyrights for myself.

Some of the software listed here is published under the GNU public license, whenever this is the case this is stated in that individual software package.

Although it's not my intention, the software listed here might crash your computer and it might make some or all of the data or software on you computer useless.

The software is provided 'as is' and I do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused by using the software.

A Delphi port of Marcus Andersson's patch loader software, which can be used to send patches to the Nord Modular synthesizer. This includes the sources for NetMidi.

Version 1.0, last update 2003-10-23. An executable version of NetMidi, to interface to Marcus Andersson's patchloader program. The patchloader program must be run under the CygWin environment.. NetMidi streams MIDI over TCP/IP.

The MidiSpy partial protocol analyzer (zipped up windows executable for win95+, works on XP)

I used the following setup:

spy setup

So, two midi splitters (thru boxes) one in the PC -> NM connection, one in the NM -> PC connection. I tied an extra output cable from both splitters to a 2nd PC on which I run and keep modifying the MidiSpy program. An alternative for the thru boxes can be foundin the HUBI midi tools or see Elby's Enigma pages

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