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NM Open - G2 patch and MIDI information


Some information about G2 patches, patch format, MIDI dump format and a Delphi tool to convert patches into dumps. Don't know how up to date the software is. It will probably get incorporated into the patch reader / writer I'm working on.

Then the patch format. Last update : TimeStamp( '2006-09-03 03:35')

2006-03 ? A rather big software overhaul, isolated knowledge from patch representation. Then made a parser for module_table.txt and removed the module knowledge from the source code. Module_table.txt is no longer a generated file, it's a specification now. In the process the source did shrink from 12000 or so to 7000 or so lines, not bad :-)

Added some stuff for in/output types and param/mode ranges. Then started documenting some ranges. Done In/Out, Note, Osc and LFO tabs sofar. Just the ranges, no meanings yet.

Updated all relevant links below.

2006-04-03 00:57 - Finished all value ranges, corrected some mistakes again.

2006-04-09 03:35 - More mistakes corrected, will it ever stop ?

Changed the software a bit to make it ready for the next step in bootstraping. A new file, param_table.txt, was added. This one describes parameter types with a name, a value range a defintion etc. The module table references the parameter table, but as of yet this is not reflected in the generated HTML output. Some new templates are needed first, as I said the next step in bootstrapping ... so all parameters and modes are categorized now, but the definitions (other than min/max values) must be enetered now into the parameter table.

Changed the HTML templates a bit for a somewhat different loking output. Changed the parser somewhat to extract common code for the module table and parameter table parsers.

Just a few more days of work, hope to have it finished within a week or so.

2006-04-10 00:10

Incorporated the new parameter table in the HTML output and started filling the parameter and mode entries.

2006-04-10 23:15'

Finished, except for errors ...

Also see the   thread on the subject, it has some specifics not listed elswhere yet. My files above are complete for list all input/output/parameter and mode names. Now the paramter value ranges must be determined, I'll start on that soon. After that there are some white spots in the general patch layout to be filled in.

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more blue hell ...